Eva LLINAS BAGUDANCH (D0904-ESP) got so much out of her experiences at HALF MDS FUERTEVENTURA and MDS PERU that she decided to complete her personal Grand Slam with "the GREAT, the MYTHICAL race: MDS MAROC. It's my first time in the Moroccan desert, and I love the collective tent system. I'm sharing mine with a Spanish competitor whom I met on the HALF and with other Spaniards I got to know when I arrived here."


Of course, like many other participants, she suffered a lot during the two previous events, in particular with her feet, which "got covered in blisters right from Day 1 and made me suffer until the end". At the finish line, she even recalls swearing to herself "Never again!!!", but a few days later, pain was already forgotten, leaving space only to the "beautiful memories, new friends, conviviality and MDS spirit".


Eva's goals for the Moroccan event are along the same line, as she doesn't care a thing about her "time and ranking. Most important for me is to finish the race while enjoying every moment and making new friends." This explains why her bag is slightly heavier than the compulsory minimum (8.3 vs. 6.5 kg); yet, she's proud to have successfully decreased its weight thanks to the lessons drawn from her previous MDS races.


In terms of preparation, the Gironan runner has taken a big rest after Peru and Fuerteventura, although she did practice mountain sports (snowboarding, climbing, snowshoeing), which she loves. And most importantly, she did not forget her feet, which she's been "treating for one month with various creams, to try and avoid blisters".


When she's not competing, Eva works in a bank, with a morning schedule that enables her to train in the afternoon. She appreciates the support she receives from her colleagues in her sports adventures and hope they will send as many messages as in Peru, since "every message gave me a real energy shot".


After this MDS, the Spaniard has not yet defined her race schedule, but what she already knows is that she'll head towards the mountains, because "I've had enough of deserts!!! The distances that are tempting me range from 20 to 60 km, to be able to have fun and enjoy."


Meanwhile, Eva is impatient to start the race. She's savouring the happiness of being here, at the heart of the Moroccan desert, although last night, she was "a bit cold. Furthermore, I had to wake up in the middle of the night for a call of nature, but I didn't regret it, since my breath was taken away by the beauty of the starry sky, the superb moonlight and the impressive silence."