Akhdar, a family affair

Lhoucine Akhdar (D792-FRA)

 Akhdar, this surname certainly does not have the same resonance to MARATHON DES SABLES compared to the names Ahansal and El Morabity, and yet it remains closely linked to the history of this race thanks to the Akhdar brothers. Lhoucine, his brothers Samir and Brahim and their sister Nezha have each already taken part in the MDS, with various fortunes.



If none of them were present during the last two editions, Lhoucine returned this year, probably because of lack. "I grew up with MARATHON DES SABLES! When I was little, I ran behind the competitors when they passed in the region [Zagora, its region of origin]. Today, I'm at 16 MDS in my legs; this race is part of me, "explains the Franco-Moroccan, eyes sparkling with joy. That of having found the atmosphere, the spirit and the requirements of the MARATHON DES SABLES, even if it confesses to have not been able to train sufficiently.



Nevertheless, Lhoucine, who runs under the banner of "Terres d'Aventure", held a very honorable 14th place in the overall individual classification after the first three stages. If he manages to improve this ranking, or to maintain it otherwise, this would be another great memory for him whose best ranking in this event dates back to 2005 when he rose to 3rd place overall.



He would then be in the best position to prepare and complete a project that is close to his heart: "I would like, in the near future, to participate in the MDS at the same time as my two brothers and our sister. That's why the MARATHON DES SABLES, for Akhdar, is also a family affair!