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A new challenge for Transavia, participating in the 30th MARATHON DES SABLE 

Participants in the 30th edition of the world-renowned MARATHON DES SABLES, which starts on 3 April, will once again include Transvia, the low-cost branch of Air France KLM. Transvia, the marathon’s official transporter since 2008, will be represented by a mixed team of able-bodied and disabled people. A natural step forward in a durable partnership.

The “Transvia team”: above all a human experience

The association between MARATHON DES SABLES and Transavia started five years ago. It’s a partnership that makes sense for the company and evolves each year around a common goal: to share a human and sporting experience like none other.

The Transavia team, made up of staff members from navigation (airline captains, chief flight attendants) and management, involves disabled children from Quebec in each stage of the race. This year, the team, most of whom have already run on MARATHON DES SABLES, will be making their way through the Moroccan desert to raise funds for the charity Solidarité MARATHON DES SABLES.

This spirit sees the team train in extreme conditions in France, Morocco and Quebec with the young disabled people, and support from their families, loved ones and medical teams. Each day, every one of the young disabled or ill people will take part in a portion of the MARATHON DES SABLES stages, under the constant watch of a special assistance team travelling between checkpoints (CP) in a four-wheel drive that takes everyone back to the bivaouc in the evening.

MARATHON DES SABLES and Transavia: tackling the challenge

On the 2015 birthday edition, the focus will be on sharing and helping each other more than ever. The airline has set up new partnerships with two charities: Le Cœur & les Jambes and Solidarité MARATHON DES SABLES.
The initiative is a natural continuation of the kind projects the company has been setting up since its creation.

This marathon is a human challenge for Transvia, with a focus on raising the bar, taking a team spirit, and fusing with a group ready to tackle every challenge together. The adventure started to take shape during the physical preparations, knitting the teams together right from the start.

Transavia will be chartering special flights for this competition. It will also give the company an opportunity to affirm the commitments it has developed through diverse projects, like its participation in the Sportera Handi’Cap challenge in 2011. 



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