"We want to see how far we can go"

Sally WELLOCK (D0660-GBR)

Twenty-three-year-old Sally WELLOCK (D0660-GBR) is the youngest female competitor on this 33rd edition of the MARATHON DES SABLES. She is participating with her father, Alistair (D0659-GBR), and it's the first MDS for both of them: "We registered because it seems an incredible and crazy challenge!"


Sally is not an expert runner, and her longest race is the London Marathon. "We'll have to take the plunge!" she said several days before the MDS start. "My father and I want to see how far we can go and to what point we can push our body." Their goal: to finish the MDS, if possible, in the best conditions.


Needless to say, this week of "voluntary castaway" at the heart of the Sahara will enable them to live an incredible adventure: "We want to enjoy everything to the fullest!" This has already been the case for quite a long time at the Wellock's, since their joint preparation enabled them to "share amazing moments and end up in a much better shape than we thought possible."


Lastly, this MDS will also serve as a rite of passage for Sally: "After the MDS, I'll leave the family household and move to my own place, so it's a kind of farewell... I couldn't have dreamed of a better experience for that occasion."