"Smile to the lips, always"

Emmanuelle ROMANZI (FRA)

Fascinated by the desert, Emmanuelle ROMANZI (FRA) dream of the MARATHON DES SABLES for ages: "The MDS is a myth that makes me dream since I started running more than 20 years ago but never dared to to confront it. " What makes her dream in the MDS? The human and sporting adventure: "I had to do it one day".


But for Emmanuelle, the MDS takes on a much deeper meaning: "My registration is my mother's gift for my 40 years from the bottom of her hospital bed. She died in September after an incredible fight. " We can imagine the emotion felt by this aeronautical engineer tomorrow at the start of the first stage.


And after 226.4 km, we hope that Emmanuelle will particularly enjoy her medal, whatever her place at the finish: "I'm not a champion, just a little marathoner who dreams of desert and who will do everything to go to the end of your adventure, smile on your lips, always! "