Robert BROWN (GBR)

"It seemed incredible, I wanted to do it myself"

MARATHON DES SABLES literally changed the life of Robert BROWN, the 40-year-old British Type 1 diabetic. At age 28, he discovered the MDS a bit by chance, which caused him a shock that could Being "saved": "About 12 years ago, when I started my first job as a journalist in a local newspaper, I interviewed a couple who had just returned from the MARATHON DES SABLES. It seemed incredible. I wanted to do it myself, but considering my condition it was not possible ... "


His condition? Yes, at the time, Robert is not in very good shape ... As a child, everything was normal for him, he was a sports kid who wanted to become a soldier. And then at age 13, her Type 1 diabetes is diagnosed: "Diabetes has changed everything in my life. I spent most of my time between the ages of 13 and 30 feeling overwhelmed. I did not do sports at all. I drank a lot, smoked, and tried to ignore my illness. My blood tests were terrible ... "


And so, Robert starts running to try to get back into shape. He stops smoking, and runs his first marathon about a year later. In 2013, he hears about another Type 1 diabetic, Roddy Riddle, who has already completed the MDS. He gets in touch with him and starts training for longer events.


This father of three wants more than anything to finish the MDS: "I want to prove to diabetics around the world that this health problem should not prevent them from pursuing their dreams, as long as you believe in them and take care of yourself.


Robert, in parallel with his preparation, raises funds for three associations helping diabetics - T1International, Diabetes UK and JDRF.


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