Passion for altruism

Tarik El MLIH D827-MAR

Crazy, it is the adjective that would best qualify the Moroccan athlete Tarik El Mlih. It is not a question here of madness in the clinical sense of the term, but in the sense of passion. At 42, this self-entrepreneur is indeed a keen sports enthusiast, especially running and physical exercises to feel good in his body and mind.


Therefore, if he is not competing in a sporting event, it is because Tarik is training or running to support a noble cause. Thus, to raise awareness of the fight against cancer, this terrible evil insidious that has taken away prematurely his father, the young Casablancais decided to travel 1260 km in 30 days, the equivalent of a marathon per day!

After a first participation in MARATHON DES SABLES in 2016, he is back this year to, he says, put his body and his morale once again, the MDS is known to be one of the ultra -trails the most difficult in the world. At the end of the first four stages, Tarik had time to gauge his ability to surpass himself: at only one marathon stage (42.2 km) from the end of the 2019 edition, he is among the 50 top runners on the approximately 800 participants.


But that is not his only goal. With his tunic and cap flocked with the Volkswagen logo, his sponsor, Tarik always finds the time and energy to make daily capsules that he broadcasts live on social networks. "It's to share what I live in this race, to show from inside the difficulties and to give some practical advice. This could benefit those who are interested to one day commit to the course of the Marathon des Sables. "


That's why Tarik El Mlih is a real passionate. An enthusiast coupled with a great altruist!