The MDS is mythical and very difficult

Clement GUNTZ (FRA)

Clément GUNTZ - number 711 - 44 years old

Sales Manager in the field of packaging and packaging


I started running 6 years ago after 30 years of football and 10 years of table tennis. Having reached the bar of 100 kg on the scale, the time had come for me to take control after the arrival of my youngest, Oscar (3 children). Quickly, I set myself a goal not to fall into the routine: to do long! At the same time, I lost 25 kg.


My favorite distances are the marathon and ½ marathon ... and a little more even. I've done about 30 since (best time marathon 2h42 in 2016, and best time 1/2 marathon 1h14, 2x in 2016), much of it as a leader, in a team that I created with a racing friend.


At the end of the same year 2016, which will see me win the marathon of the vineyard of Alsace, I also become centbornard!


My first ultra will be in 2018, next to my home on a 108 km format. I finished it at an honorable sixth place after having a sprained knee the day before the race!


Rather curious and hands-on, I also tested other fun disciplines: duathlon, triathlon, canicross, race time, elliptical outdoor bike ... I did two years of long distance triathlon, with the key , two participations in IronMan (Frankfurt and Lanzarote).


For the MDS, these are training weeks at about 200 km, with a 6 hour race time as the ultimate training. I entered the MDS almost on a whim - I was looking for an extreme race in the cold. But I must admit that the beauty of the photos that I could see on the net has tipped the scales ...


Why the MDS? Because it's mythical and very difficult! And because I do not think I have turned off my phone for a single day in the last 15 years ... it will be a great opportunity!