"I would never have imagined such a hell!"

Yassir LAMNI (D0017-MAR)


Yassir LAMNI has a passion for everything related to endurance sports (trail, mountain biking, triathlon...). And it has been ten years since this employee in the pharmaceutical industry practices these disciplines. But it was only this year that he decided to rub the MARATHON DES SABLES, in his own words, "to test [his] potential and see how far [his] body could go".



And if the first day really did not allow him to take full advantage of what awaits it given the relative ease of the first stage which was rather rolling, the two courses that followed were particularly trying. Yassir has indeed crossed the finish line of the third stage by chuckling like a beast of burden beneath an unlikely burden. "During all those years I watched on television and on YouTube the images of the Marathon des Sables. I knew it was a tough race, but, frankly, I would never have imagined such a hell! "


The Errachidia native does not want to give up, he has a goal: "I want to finish the race and be among the top 30," he said on the third day of the race. After the first four stages, Yassir LAMNI is still in the running. Better, he is 29th overall before the last stop. He should be able to succeed in his bet. But before, he has a word for the future participants of the MARATHON DES SABLES: "I advise all those who want to do it one day to prepare themselves very seriously, physically and mentally. Because there is a huge gap between what they see on TV or on social networks and what they will actually experience. Let them forget the glamor side because there is none! "


A good word ...