"I love giving it all!"

Jérôme GERMAIN (D0835-FRA)

Jérôme GERMAIN (D0835-FRA) is on the start line of this 33rd MARATHON DES SABLES because, like many others, he could not resist the appeal of those fantastic images: "One day, I was watching TV and discovered this race. I thought that it was a really crazy adventure! I immediately looked for additional information about this unusual event, and then, I added it to my Bucket List of things to experience. »


Running in nature, in almost uninhabited places, crossing a section of the mythical Saharan desert with short strides, surpassing yourself and pushing your physical and mental limits, stepping away from daily life, and finally, sharing a great human adventure: all this motivated Jérôme to move from desire to action. For this MDS, the French citizen living in the Oise département has energy to spare: "I'm a challenger, I love giving it all!"


Initially, the sports objective of this "white collar" was to make it to the Top 200. Unfortunately, small injuries delayed his preparation plan, so he had to slightly change his ambitions: "The most important thing for me is to finish the race. My ranking will just be the icing on the cake. And I want to return home with beautiful memories and new friends."


Jérôme is almost certain that the MDS will make him suffer, but this doesn't frighten him as he already had to surmount tough sports events in the past, which will certainly help him find the resources required to overcome th coming obstacles: "During the Swiss Peak trail, we had very harsh weather conditions, with rain, snow and wind. It was extremely tough; here, I'm sure there will be no rain or snow, but the wind might be blowing and the weather conditions will be an essential factor to take into account."


Jérôme registered in the MDS as a lone competitor, because he didn't find "anyone crazy enough" to come along, he adds with a smile. Since he's keen on living his dreams, he didn't wait for hypothetical friends. Furthermore, like 15-20% of the pack, Jérôme is running for a charity, "Imagine For Margo, which is fighting against child cancer and promoting 'life watchpeople' who are donating bone marrow." A noble cause that will be a source of support for the French competitor.


The website of 'Imagine for Margo':