I hope to empower others


The first amputee athlete to finish a 100-mile race in 2009, Amy WINTERS (USA), goes for the first time to challenge the 47-year-old MARATHON DES SABLES - « I am ecstatic about the opportunity to be a part of such a legendary race ». Very eclectic, Amy is able to run (and win) events with a very different profile: 100 miles, Badwater, Startan Death Race, AGOGE, obstacle races ... Despite this cumulative experience, Amy remains cautious: « Running the MDS will be unique in its own self as to where we are running a specific distance per day and required to rest. »


Amy has created her own association, Amy's One Step Ahead Foundation and participates in the MDS with a group that raises funds for disabled athletes in the US. His goal through his sports involvement? « I hope to empower others, I hope to inspire the young and old, I hope to raise awareness, I hope to open the eyes of those who also love the sport of ultra running and show them that they can use their love of ultra running to help others. »


Often at the forefront, Amy does not hide her competitive side, she who before amputation was already an accomplished sportswoman: « I feel I’m always competitive with myself and when I get out there that is ultimately my focus to always do my best for that day and the only person I have to compete with is the person I see in the mirror. »


Despite everything, sometimes, the competition raises questions and does not hesitate to put the feet in the dish, accusing the prosthesis of Amy to facilitate the task. These recriminations do not leave the American indifferent: « I was an athlete before I lost my leg and therefore I know that it is a lot easier with 2 real legs. It is my drive and determination that maintains my commitment to the sport, to myself and to my children and family.  Technology will never be that good. My real leg was better by far. »


In the sands of southern Moroccan Sahara, the kilometers will probably look long to Amy, but she can count on her good preparation, very oriented CrossFit, to be ready on April 7th. In any case, she will be able to count on her mind, reinforced by an unfortunate event: « After the last few months that I’ve experienced with the loss of my family members I hope to find that strength l, endurance, determination and pride that my parents always instilled in me. »


Express career

• Born in 1972

• Sprint and swimming at a good level while studying

• First marathon at 20

• Motorcycle accident in 1994

• Amputation of the left leg in 1997

• First steps of the race in 2000

• Back to the marathon in 2004

• New York Triathlon in 2005

• Many marathon and triathlon records from 2006

• First amputee athlete to complete 100 miles in 2009

• Mom of two children