"The answer is in the back of my head"


For someone who has always hated running, it's a bit of a shame to be at the start of the MARATHON DES SABLES, right? And yet, Arnaud GUILLEVIC (FRA), 44, a nurse, is precisely in this case: "In the course of a conversation with my colleague, the word MARATHON DES SABLES is anchored in my head. A dream for him, an extreme challenge for me. "


Because unlike other sports competitors since always, Arnaud does not really have the soul of a Usain Bolt: "I always hated running. In January of last year, I decided to lose weight. I was 106 kg. I lost more than 20. "Arnaud started running last July, extremely motivated. "The MDS will be my only race, I will not do anything else before. "


In addition to his weight loss, partly due to his sports efforts but also a rebalancing food, Arnaud stopped smoking late last year. "I will probably not be trained enough, but my mind and my little preparation will be enough I hope to be Finisher. "


But why did someone like Arnaud think of taking up such a challenge? "The answer is somewhere in the back of my head. I may discover it in the suffering of the race or in its best moments ... "