« I leave no room for improvisation »


Marathon des Sables David Liano Gonzalez

The dream of adventure has been floating in my head since childhood.

I was born in an adventurous family, and at only 3 weeks of age, my parents took us on a trip to the Caribbean where they had scheduled a few scuba diving sessions.

I was not yet aware of what was happening to me, but that's when I developed my thirst for adventure.

When I was 8 years old, my father rented a sailing boat, and before even realizing it, I was learning how to sail it.

At the age of 13, I started climbing mountains. My country has tall volcanoes and beautiful cordilleras, and though I was not living close by, I felt the desire to climb their summits.


Reading the stories of great adventurers urged me to go beyond literature, and my bold character took me from one challenge to the other. I'm not attracted by competition, rather by the desire to go beyond my comfort zone.


I've climbed the world's highest mountains, including Mount Everest (6 times), several other 8,000-m summits and the tallest peak on each continent. Plus triathlons and long-distance paragliding competitions... as you see, I never stop experimenting.

Races are part of my daily training. One experience leads to the other, but I always seek the right BALANCE in everything I do.


I read about the MDS during my childhood and knew that one day, I would find myself in this inhospitable place, next to hundreds of competitors.

I'm motivated by this demanding experience of being self-sufficient and managing my health condition to successfully reach the goal. I leave no room for improvisation, since I know everything relies on preparation and how careful you've been before the event. Here, I have three main objectives:

1. Living a unique personal experience

2. Running for an Indian charity called "Live Love Laugh Foundation", which focuses on mental health in general and depression issues in particular.

3. The MDS is among a series of challenges, one of which being X-ALPS (a long-distance paragliding race of 688 miles, from Salzburg to Monaco, flying or running with all your gear), although MDS alone is a major challenge for me.


Currently single and childless, I can dedicate all my time to fulfilling my dreams. Luckily, my financial activity enables me to work from anywhere in the world, but within this BALANCE I was mentioning earlier, I think that time is now coming for me to create a family and embark on a new adventure.