Wonder Augustine

Clarisse BRUN

Running for MARATHON DES SABLES 2020, 35th edition


Country: France


Age: 46


Personal website of the project: Clarisse MDS Wonder Augustine 2020 on Facebook


I decided to launch a real personal challenge by participating in MARATHON DES SABLES in 2020 but I did not want to play it myself and I wanted to join an association that was close to my heart and I decided to launch my project: Clarisse MDS Wonder Augustine 2020!


Name of the association: Wonder Augustine


Augustine is a little girl who died on October 8, 2018 from cancer. The Wonder Augustine Association was created afterwards for research to fight pediatric cancers.


Website of the association: https://www.wonderaugustine.fr/


How to give to the association: I opened a leetchi kitty and I will donate some of the money raised to the association and I will also organize operations to raise funds within my company school Pole dance ... My leetchi kitty: https://www.leetchi.com/c/clarisse-mds-wonder-augustine-2020