Last participations:  2017 & 2015

Country:  Denmark

Age:  51


Personal website project:  https://indsamling.julemaerket.dk/fundraisers/born-skal-have-lov-til-at-vaere-born


My name is, as you know, Peter Kleist, I’m 51 years old and from Denmark. My first MDS was in 2015 - it was a Dream Come True. Back in 1989 I watched a tv-programme about the race and wanted to do the race ever since. In 2017 it was about showing the wonders of the race to my wife, so we joined the MDS tribe.. This year we will, yet again, be part of the MDS and this year I will be fundraising for a special cause “Julemærke-Fonden”, which is a Danish organisation helping children have a better childhood. MDS is for me a challenge for both my body and my mind... The Moroccan people are so warm and the nature of the desert is breathtaking.”


Association name:  Julemærkefonden


"Julemærke-Fonden" has been around for over 100 years. The core task: No children should be outside the community. We create a secure everyday life for the children, which promotes their physical and mental health and gives the children an experience of joy and dignity. All the work is done in close collaboration with the child's family, school and municipality. Because this is how we ensure that the good results we create together with the children and their families are best maintained. Well-functioning, safe and fixed framework is the prerequisite for a child's stay at the homes of the "Julemærke-Fonden" to be successful. Therefore, all employees and volunteers' work in the Christmas Markets Fund is a prerequisite for a successful stay. Together we make a difference for vulnerable children in Denmark.


Association website:  https://www.julemaerket.dk/


How to donate to the association:  One can donate via my fundraiser website. (in Danish only)