Fondation Flavien


Last participation: 2009

Country: Monaco

Age: 38

Project website: instagram: Ju_lamour1



I come back 10 years later, 10 years to think only at this time. I am married and father of a little boy of 2 years, professional firefighter for fifteen years, I participate since then in many races in France and elsewhere and represents the principality proudly. I know the difficulty of this test and come back more mature and more prepared. I am supported in my preparation by Paula Ratcliffe legend of the marathon with which I train and who supports my project, but also many other speakers and sponsors. This human failure of 2009 during the longest stage of the MDS made me stronger and especially more lucid vis-a-vis the size of the appointment. I approach it with the desire to finish but above all to do well in this extraordinary race. I can not wait to be there ...


Name of the association: Flavien Foundation

A little boy full of energy like the orange color he loved. A little Jedi like the heroes of the Star Wars saga he loved so much - the Jedi masters the Force. But on March 7, 2014 Flavien flew away from metastasized brain cancer. 8 years and 9 months ago he was born in the Principality of Monaco. He will have spent half of his life fighting with this scourge of cancer. Today, Flavian's fight continues. It is the promise of a father to his son before his flight: to do everything to heal children suffering from cancer or a rare disease. Holding this commitment is a vital necessity. Every human being is concerned. Not only because he is sensitive to the immense pain of losing a child, but because he refuses fate. Cancer has no state of mind, no passport, no color, no border. But we have the Force, the Will, the Passion. A new Hope. The shock wave caused by the death of Flavien triggered a tremendous surge of spontaneous support. This movement of solidarity brought together good will and a great team of volunteers was formed to advance things in the field of childhood cancer. On August 15, 2014, in honor of his missing son, Denis Maccario created the first association to fight pediatric cancers and rare diseases in the Principality of Monaco. The Flavien Foundation is born. The Tsunami is running.

• The fight against pediatric cancers and rare diseases

• Creation of research laboratories on pediatric cancers and rare diseases

• Families affected by these types of diseases

• The creation and implementation of a family and psychological framework

• Creation of doctor-parent-child speaking groups

• The implementation of medical projects in the Principality of Monaco and in the world

• Anti-pain services related to these types of diseases


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How to give the association:

Thanks to the sponsorship of the brand Albanu, this one in collaboration with the foundation and the runner put on sale 260 bracelets representing the number of kilometers. All funds will be donated to the foundation to advance medical and scientific research. The bracelets will be on sale on the website of the foundation: , on the Albanu website: and on the runner's Facebook page: