Association Petits Princes


Latest participations: first participation at MDS

Country: France

Age: 50 years


Project site: My project is detailed on my kindedin profile


Lawyer in business law, mom of two boys, and passionate about adventure sports, participating in the MDS was one of my dreams for a very long time. With this bib donated by my friends and family for my 50th birthday, I will finally be able to live this incredible adventure! I was touched by the actions carried out by the Association Petits Princes and if realizing my dream can also allow sick children to realize theirs, I will have found a real sense to this magnificent challenge.


Name of the association: Association Petits Princes


Association recognized for public utility, created in 1987, whose mission is to realize the dreams of children and adolescents seriously ill. Dreams, organized around the child's passions, help him find extra energy to fight the disease.


Website of the association:


How to give to the association: by going to my collection page: