"Running has become my lifestyle"


I started running in 2004, and ever since, my life has been revolving around that activity." Beatriz CAMIADE, a Mexican living in Guadalajara, has followed the steps of many people in their forties: you want or need to lose weight, so you start practising sports - in her case, running - then you start liking it, and in the end, it naturally becomes part of your lifestyle. "I reached my weight objective in 2008, then I had a go at ultra distances and fell in love with extreme conditions."


Since then, Beatriz has been training for one or two ultra trails per year. She has gained quite some experience on both herself and this type of events and likes to share it during conferences. Indeed, although she's a primary teacher by training, she now devotes her time to giving motivational speeches in companies. And motivation is something she doesn't lack: "It's very important for me to train constantly - it's part of my daily routine." Every week, Beatriz runs 6 times, goes 4 times to the gym and indulges herself with 2 yoga sessions.



All the events she takes part in make fantastic memories, in particular because each time "you return home with great stories of friendship and sharing." But the most important thing Beatriz takes away from these experiences is "what I learn about myself, this unknown force which lies deep within me." In 2016, Beatriz participated in the MDS MAROC, "a truly amazing experience! Everything was fantastic... I loved the race, the organisation and the other participants." This is why she decided to attempt this very first edition of MDS PERU - on her one, as in all her ultra races, but she knows for certain that she will again make exceptional encounters. "I didn't want to miss the opportunity of being a pioneer in Peru!" - a country the Mexican lady has not yet visited but which she's been dreaming of for many years.


In addition to running for herself, Beatriz also competes for others, through her foundation UNIDOS: "It's a charity that aims to change how we consider disabled people." Putting her body and mind at the service of others is definitely a concept dear to Beatriz.


"I'm a proud, passionate and tenacious Mexican woman who has found a treasure in that discipline. I started running to lose weight and become fitter, but as an ultramarathon runner, I've discovered that beyond physical appearance, the most important thing is the force we all have within us."