"The most beautiful thing in this MDS is the bivouac"

Rocío CARRIÓN (D215-PER)

The MDS PERU almost ended on Day 1 for the Peruvian runner Rocío CARRIÓN when she fell on rocks and cut her knee open: “I was suffering a lot, and in the evening, the medical team sutured me.” When asked if she wanted to drop out, she laughed: “On the first day? Impossible!” Because she never gives up…even when doctors tell her, after a 2-day coma following a fall during a trail running session, that she will never be able to run again: “I’m a strong believer, and I think that God never tests you beyond your ability. So after 40 days of convalescence, I got up and resumed running.” And 3 weeks later, she took the start of a marathon in Mexico! A big change in distances for this young athlete who had mostly been competing in 10 K and 800-m races until her accident. Since then, she has reached the podium of several ultras, and very recently, she won a Peruvian marathon in Cuzco.


This MDS is the first stage race for Rocío, who prefers “single-stage races, where you only suffer once…” (laughter) Despite her lack of experience, she occupied the 3rd rank since the very first stage and managed to stay on the podium until the end. For someone whose initial objective was just “to finish the race”, that’s pretty much beyond all expectations.


When she’s not competing or training, Rocío works as a private sports coach. She likes sharing her experience, but also opening up to the world: “The most beautiful thing in this MDS is the bivouac: listening to different languages; trying to communicate; spending moments with people who share your passion, suffer like you, and understand you. It’s this communion with other people that really rejoiced me.” The Peruvian also made new friends in her tent circle, like “this guy from Mexico, and that competitor from Japan, whom we understand very little but who spent three hours with us during the rest day teaching us a few Japanese words like ‘Good morning’”. This MDS PERU has thus given rise to new friendships – in the long tradition of MDS MAROC events that have been building international connections between competitors since 1986.