"The MDS is an experience of a lifetime"

Robert KEREZI (D351-SLO)

“This MDS PERU has been hot right from the start of my preparation!” says the Slovenian Robert Kerezi with a big smile and shining eyes. After winning his free registration for the event in a lottery organised by the 100 Miles of Istria, Robert had only 3 weeks to “find sponsors, purchase my plane tickets and my equipment, and train specifically for the event”. All that while working 8 hours a day in a library for children and caring for his own three kids (7, 12 and 13) – together with his wife. “It was a real race before the race, but I was able to do everything in due time and to find enough generous donators to cover all my expenses.”


After 20 years of road cycling, Robert only started trail running 2 years ago and took part in his first ultras in 2017. For his first experience in the desert, he is surprised to have “such good results. I was afraid about the hot sun and the backpack – it’s almost 10 kg on the start line, and I only had 10 days to train specifically with it. But I’m still alive!” Even the long stage didn’t stop the Slovenian, who had decided to “go slowly and drink a lot of water.”


When he’s not running, Robert enjoys reading books and taking pictures. He also likes spending time with his family – especially going outside in nature, hiking or visiting places. For his efforts here, he is receiving a lot of support, especially from his wife with whom he is “exchanging many SMSs…that is, when I have network coverage, which is actually quite rare here in this desert.” Upon his return in Slovenia, Robert will be very happy to share his Peruvian adventure – “an experience of a lifetime” – with his supportive colleagues, his donators and his children: “I’m not sure they perfectly understand what I’m doing here, but when they eventually do, I hope they’ll be proud of what I did.”