"It's a blessing that such an important event is taking place in Peru"

Rocío CARRIÓN (D215-PER)

A radiant smile and a constant good mood characterise Rocío CARRIÓN (D215-PER), a 32-year-young female teacher living in Lima. Though Rocío is among the favourites of this first MARATHON DES SABLES PERU, she's first and foremost a living proof of the incredible potentialities of the human body: "I had an accident three years ago and was in coma, in a life-threatening condition." Moving from coma to a 250-km race in the Peruvian desert seems totally crazy!


Rocío CARRIÓN has been running for about 8 years, and now this activity has become her greatest passion. After her accident, she had to be very patient to recover her physical shape: "I was very tenacious, and then I decided to run ultra trails." But Rocío not only runs, she also has outstanding results, such as a victory this year in the Yumax 80K ultramarathon and a second place last year in the Desert Challenge Paracas 100K. Odds are high that she will be on the podium of this MDS PERU, yet she remains cautious as she has never participated in a stage race before.


The young Peruvian is indeed aware of her potential, but she first wants to "pay tribute to the event's organisers and partners – it's a blessing that such an important event is taking place in Peru." What about her strong points? Her physical resistance and her rock-solid mental strength – something rather self-explanatory after her accident.


We will thus carefully follow Rocío's race, but before that, we can be sure that her smile will enlighten the bivouac of this first MDS PERU.