"I don't think there are any limits in life"

Valerie NOSSAR

Valerie is one of around fifteen Peruvian athletes registered so far for this first edition of the MARATHON DES SABLES PERU. She has entered in a team with three other Peruvians, who could form a winning quartet, especially given the presence of Remigio HUAMAN QUISPE, one of the big favourites for this first edition. Their team name: Inkansables.


Valerie lives in an apartment in Lima with her 11-year-old daughter, Mikela. In everyday life, she manages her businesses: a production company, a restaurant, a communication agency... In other words, this Peruvian 30-something has refused to put all her eggs in one basket – an attitude mirrored in her sporting life: since 2010, she has been diligently practising various sports activities, including in competition. "I've run 31 marathons, 2 Ironmen, 5 Ironmen 70.3, and 2 ultramarathons – coming first in both of them!"


But what is it that motivates Valerie to always push herself further, in sport and in business? "I'm always looking for more. I don't think there are any limits in life." Looking at her sports and corporate results, we might surprise ourselves by being inclined to agree with her...


In any case, this Peruvian is giving herself every chance of succeeding in her ambitions: her training programme is consistent to say the least, with at least 1 hour 45 minutes of sport a day... every day. One tip: don't try to follow her during MDS PERU, you're likely to have to give up that chase pretty early on!


Valerie does nevertheless have to grit her teeth from time to time to achieve her goals, like at Ironman Kalmar (Sweden), in which she competed despite being ill... She actively seeks out a challenge: "When I saw MDS was organising a new event in Peru, I had absolutely no hesitation in putting my name down. I signed up to finish one of the toughest races in the world."


You can bet that Valerie won't regret her choice and will be adding a new medal to her collection in December!