11 April

Stage 3 - 31,6km

K 0 : Go ENE (course 66°).
K 0.8 : Sandy passage. Hills to the right.
K 1.2 : Enter sandy pass, go around hill to the left then sandy climb into TOUMHONFIS oued.
K 2 : Exit oued. Follow path on RICH MBIRIKA jebel until descent into oued.
K 2.7: Follow oued.
K 3.9: Exit oued. Go NE (course 51°) to cross valley becoming less stony.
K 7.4: Enter sandy pass then steep climb (± 18%).
K 7.9: Summit of JOUA BABA ALI jebel. Turn left to follow quite technical path over crest.
K 9.1: Sand dune. Descent to the right and follow oued up to CP1.
K 10: CP1 on bank of oued. Follow oued direction WEST.
K 11.1 : Bank of RHERIS oued. Cross the oued in the same direction.
K 11.8 : Start of sandy ascent. Steep climb to crest of JOUA BABA ALI jebel (±15%).
K 12.1: Follow markings on the crest. CAUTION! Technical passages.
K 14: Turn left. Very steep sandy descent.
K 14.3: Bottom of descent. Cross valley direction SW (course 225°).
K 19.3: CP2 before EL OTFAL jebel. Go SW (course 215°) for difficult climb.
K 21.4: 25% average slope until summit. Climb alternating rocky and sandy parts.
K 21.5: Summit of EL OTFAL jebel. Turn left for about one hundred metres.
K 21.6: Turn right into oued bed.
K 22.9: Rocky oued bed. Descent.
K 23.3: End of descent in oued bed. Cross very stony plain.
K 23.8: Tumulus to the left. Variably stony terrain. Go SW (course 215°) until start of dunes.
K 25 : Enter dunes follow course 233°.
K 30.2: End of dunes. Go SOUTH (course 182°).
K 31.1 : Cross slightly stony plateau.
K 31.6 : End of plateau.
Arrival at B3.