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BILAN PATRICK BAUER - Directeur de course


Patrick Bauer is happy. The 30th edition of the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES is a success.

Event creator and Race Director, Patrick Bauer has a very positive analysis of the 30th edition of the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES. “Our aim was both ambitious and humble, he explains. We wanted the 30th edition to be as successful as the 29th only 30% bigger. It was a real challenge because it involves a lot more organisation. For example we had over Doc Trotters in the race. With regards to the logistics, we’ve also had to adapt. The same is true for the checkpoint staff, the bivouac stewards, etc. In total, nearly 600 people worked in the organisation, which creates a small town of some 2,000 inhabitants, which need to be transported across the desert each day. It’s a far cry from the 23 runners in the first edition in 1986! I feel like it is job done. Our desire is always about sharing the happiness. All the congratulations expressed by the competitors over the past few days are our finest birthday present. Next on the programme is a debriefing of this edition where we will listen to the feedback from participants and study all the areas where we can make further improvements.

We now have our sights on the 2016 edition scheduled for 8 to 18 April (registration is already open on the website www.marathonsdessables.com).

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