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The Grand Slam for El Morabity and Barnes!

 SAM0077 moyHe leapt across the finish line, his fist punching the air. Happy. Proud too, at having secured his third victory (in five participations) in the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES on this anniversary edition. And with what style! From the first leg to the last, Moroccan Rachid El Morabity has won it all. “It wasn’t easy, because there was some stiff competition this year… But I worked really hard to pull it off and I’m very happy with this third victory.” A few metres behind, Abdelkader El Mouaziz stopped for a moment to look heavenwards, savouring the moment before falling into the arms of Patrick Bauer. Seventh in 2014 on his first participation, the former marathon runners treats himself to his first podium (2nd) in the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES, just thirteen minutes behind his student and teammate, Rachid El Morabity. A fine performance, which he enjoys with great wisdom: “I’m very happy as I managed my race better this year. However, I’m also very happy for Rachid who I’m now coaching, and our first place in the team category.” Aziz El Akad, the 3rd teammate in Team TGCC, completes the podium of this 30th edition after finishing 3rd in the last leg.

In the women’s category, Swede Elisabet Barnes takes the competition by storm this year, she too securing a very fine Grand Slam to win her first SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES title. In the final ranking, she outpaces Briton Anna-Marie Watson (2nd) and the Russian Natalia Sedykh (3rd) and secures 20th place in the overall ranking, men and women combined. A mighty performance for a second participation (she finished 15th woman in 2012) and one which lights up her azure blue eyes as she crosses the finish. “Before the start of this edition, I had already intended to come back next year to secure a podium, but in the end I’ve done it a year in advance”. Doubtless she’ll be back to run this race which she already ‘adores’. Watch this space…

5th LEG -


1. Rachid El Morabity (MAR), 3h22’59
2. Abdelkader El Mouaziz (MAR), 8’’ back
3. Aziz El Akad (MAR), 1’14’’ back
4. Samir Akhdar (MAR), 2’02’’ back
5. Salameh Al Aqra (JOR), 9’43’’ back
6. Chema Martinez (ESP), 10’01’’ back
7. Danny Kendall (GRB), 18’47 back

 SAM0469 moyWOMEN

1. Elisabet Barnes (SUE), 4h11’51
2. Anna-Marie Watson (GBR), 14’25’’ back
3. Natalia Sedykh (RUS), 14’31’’ back



1. Rachid El Morabity (MAR), 20h21’39
2. Abdelkader El Mouaziz (MAR), 13’44’’ back
3. Aziz El Akad (MAR), 45’18’’ back


1. Elisabet Barnes (SUE), 26h42’13
2. Anna-Marie Watson (GBR), 2h58’06’’ back
3. Natalia Sedykh (RUS), 3h12’26’’ back

 SAM0407 moy SAM0233 moy