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The emotion of the Joëlette

Emotions were running high on Friday afternoon on the finish line of the marathon leg as the Transavia team looped the loop. Throughout the week a team made up of associates from Transavia France, fleshed out by the company’s partners and members of the Sportera HandiCap association, carried three Quebec-based children with varying disabilities along virtually the entire course in an all-terrain Joëlette chair. At the end of the adventure, one of the children, Emmanuel, made a huge effort to lift himself up out of his wheelchair and walk across the finish line supported by his team. At 14, his life took a different turn in July 2013 after a quad bike accident, which sent him into a coma that lasted several days. The resulting spine injury has since confined him to a wheelchair. However, the fantastic progress he’s made during therapy has instilled in him the hope that he will one day be able to walk again. The strength he has required throughout this past week can only help this progress and he even dreams of being able to take the start of the MARATHON DES SABLES one day…

A crazy week among the Doc Trotters

This year, the weather has been rather mild for the runners in terms of temperatures, states Fred Compagnon, the head of the Doc Trotters. For this reason, and aside from a particularly hot first day, we’ve had a lot fewer problems with acute dehydration than in previous years.” On the other hand, “there have been quite a few treatments related to minor traumas, due to the most mountainous course and the descent of the El Otfal jebel.” Two ankle fractures, a few sprains and seven runners with stitches. With regards the usual treatments, the 73 volunteer DocTrotters spared no effort in the 30th SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES in helping the competitors go all the way in their emotional and physical journeys. “In total, we’ve carried out around 6,800 medical interventions over the course of the week, including 3,000 foot treatments, 47 drips (compared to 73 in 2014), then ten airlifts and six evacuations.” This does not include the 115 dental treatments, which included 27 extractions, the main clients for which were the caravan’s Moroccan contingent in the main.

Such a beautiful marriage proposal

This has become a custom in the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES. Following on from the Belgian, who asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage via last year’s finish line webcam, this time it was a Briton who declared his love on Friday. Indeed Shaun Marsden, 34, waited patiently for his girlfriend to cross the line some time after him to get down on his knees and offer her a small box, which he’s been hiding in his rucksack and propose to her in front of the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES’ caravan. A wonderful surprise, which received a positive response.

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