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Top-class production

There are some funny little caravans, which unfold each day at the far end of the bivouac. Within each of these air-conditioned caravans each technician, editor, journalist and director is busying away at their various tasks. “Here we sort the images into themes and finally we film the subjects in three little caravans turned editing suites, explains Hélène Tzara, the production coordinator. They certainly have their work cut out! Everyday, a team of 25 people are busying themselves preparing a 4-minute spot for TV5 Monde and another for a one-minute item for France 2. “We’re also preparing several three and ten-minute round-up, which we send out each day at 14:45pm via our satellite transmission to the international press agencies, as well as the different television channels that wish to pick up our images.” A 26-minute film about the 30th SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES edition is already in the pipeline.

Chema Martinez has a heart

On Saturday evening, on the eve of the race start, Chema Martinez delighted a 15-year old boy. Suffering from cancer of the spinal cord, the young Manuel had two dreams as he battled the disease he has since managed to recover from: running the Marathon des Sables with his father and meeting his idol Chema Martinez. Though he wasn’t able to take the start of the 30th edition of the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES due to his age, he did manage to make it to the bivouac, where he was able to meet his idol on the eve of the race start. Chema Martinez even agreed to put his trainers back on and go for a run in the dunes with him for quarter of an hour.

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