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Ronen HEINE (D688-AUS), Eric HEINE (D693-AUS), Joshua GIVONI (D0695-AUS) - Brad YUDELMAN (D696-AUS)

The four of us who have been friends for over 10 years and elected to challenge ourselves while experiencing something life changing and memorable. This sort of event creates friendship bonds which last a last-time.

We will be put under significant physical and mental stress but we all strongly believe that if one of us don’t make it, the meaning of the event will be lost.

About Indigenous Marathon Project

logo-impIMP uses the marathon as a vehicle to promote healthy lifestyles to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Running is accessible to any age, ability and location and has the tremendous power to instil a sense of personal accomplishment when one has pushed beyond what they thought possible.

The project annually selects a group of young Indigenous Australian men and women to complete the New York City Marathon with just six months of training. This highlights the incredible natural talent that exists within this population, with the hope to one day unearth an Indigenous long distance running champion to take on the African dominance.