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Michiel DE JONGE (D963-NED)

illustration-IMG 0707Having lived in the Middle East we first came across the beauty of the désert in the Empty Quarter/Rub-al-Kahli in Oman. This has inspired us so much that,even when we moved to other places, we have been coming back to the désert of Oman but also the Sahara in Morocco. The beauty and serenity of the désert and the hospitality of the Bedouien keeps atttacting us.

As a middle of the pack runner, only inspired to train hard when clear races were planned, I re-took to running after a break of 10 years. After done a few (half)-marathons i got a liking for ultra-trail running… so it only seemed logical to combine my passion for the désert with a big race challenge.

About Bayti

logo baytiAssociation Bayti ( www.bayti.ma) which means 'my house') does amazing work with young people in Essaouira who come from disadvantaged families. A lot of thèse children do not attend school regularly. They may have quit because they need to work to support their families; some have dropped out because of learning challenges or personal circumstances. In Essaouira, Bayti provide a hot meal 5 days a week to around 80 kids and have on-site educators and social workers to support them. The non-formal education programme at Bayti seeks to bring kids who do not attend school up to speed with the curriculum so that when they are ready (educationally, administratively and psychologically), they can be re-inserted into the state school system.

The specific target for my fundraising is to provide salary for the teacher for one year and support as many children as possible in their university studies.

www.facebook.com/baytiofficiel and www.bayti.ma

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