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Sarah GREY (D908 - SWE)

IMG 5711I am 43 almost 44. I work as a producer of media. I am a crossfitter, a mom of 2 boys, a dog-owner, a tattoo collector and a long distance runner. I have had my ups and downs in life and managed to get through many things with a smile and a good laugh.

I will participate in MARATHON DES SABLES 2015. It is the 30th edition of MARATHON DES SABLES and my second time doing the race. (First time was 2013)

I decided to dedicate my race to Clowns without Borders.

About Clowner utan Gränser.

logo-clownlogga HIRESLaughter changes your life. Everyone should be seen and have a laugh with someone. Some need it more than others. To help children in certain parts of the world to laugh is good for the soul. Clowns without Borders is a volunteer organisation, that have been active since 1996 in Sweden, and we are a part of the international Federation of Clowns without Borders.

Every year they send clowns, jugglers, acrobats, and muscians to some of the worlds youth prisons, orphanages, regions struck by conflicts, refugee camps or natural disasters - They go with the mission to work with laughter as a psychosocial tool with the performing clown arts to create hope, reestablish self asteem and find joy to the children that need it the most. During the past 20 years they have met and entertained over 1 miljon children all over the world.

With a smile you can get very far and through many hardships.
It is important to smile and find joy. It makes life more worthwhile. Please help me by giving a donation to Clown's without Borders – I will attemt to collect 10.000SEK before the race is over and I will run the MDS 2015 in a clown –inspired outfit with special surprises

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