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Laurent Raymond (D1123, FRA)

Keeping the spirit of the desert with you

Director of a medico-social establishment, Laurent is competing in his third SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES, still with the same passion and the same determination.  “When you say you’re going to run, people think you’re mad, he jokes. When you add that it’s in the desert, that you need to be self-sufficient in terms of diet and that you sleep under a bit of blanket that forms a tent on a rug that smells of camel, they really don’t get it.” Beyond the sporting aspect, Laurent prefers to highlight the shared values. “The race is all about the human element. You find yourself up against yourself. The values of empathy, solidarity and camaraderie give the event its richness. It’s the proof that you could change society if you could reproduce the set-up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last very long. As soon as you get to the luggage collection point, it’s a mad scramble. The Marathon des Sables transforms us. You have to keep a part of the desert inside you, a part of its spirit, and you have to maintain it. Perhaps returning each year to run the MDS is a way of maintaining this spirit. And then there’s the idea of creating a good image of their father for my two children. I want to show them that nothing is a given and that it’s through work and willpower that you can succeed.” Like on the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES…


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