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Genis Pieterse (D451-RSA), Tanya Pieterse (D452-RSA)

A family history

Genis and Tanya Pieterse are husband and wife, they are South African and literally fell in love with the MARATHON DES SABLES, which Genis discovered by pure chance as the event doesn’t get much media coverage in their country.
I promised myself I would sign up one day to see what it was like; in this way I was able to participate in my first MDS last year. On my return to South Africa, I told my wife all about what I’d seen and experienced during this race. She was immediately smitten and decided to follow me”, admitted Genis, clearly very happy to be able to relive the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES in the company of the person with whom he shares his life: Tanya Pieterse.

The latter, for whom this is her first participation, only had good words to say about the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES: “I was right to come here! My experience of this race is so intense that I managed to forget all the inherent difficulties. On our return, when I tell our daughter about it, she’s sure to want to do it next year; what a great trilogy don’t you think?” It certainly is!
In the meantime, Genis Pieterse is trying to promote the MARATHON DES SABLES through his blog.

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