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Ronny De Cocker (D 1004, BEL)

In the colours of the desert

Clad in his beautiful yellow onesie, which clings to his every contour, from his feet up to his wrists, Ronny De Cocker doesn’t go unnoticed in the bivouac or along the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES course. “I wanted to run in the colours of the desert”, explains the 50-year old Belgian, who has decided to celebrate his birthday by treating himself to a week in the south-Moroccan Sahara. “I didn’t have a big party with my friends, but I have treated myself to a wonderful gift”, he smiles before explaining that he discovered the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES thanks to the famous actor-presenter from Belgian TV, Tom Waes. “When I saw the images of his participation some five years ago, I was inspired and immediately wanted to experience this adventure”, he says. However, it’s out of the question to participate in this first trail run with no competitive ambition! Indeed, after ten marathons and a fine time of 2h42’’32 in Berlin, the fifty-year old very much hopes to “finish in the top three among the 50-year old runners”. Such a performance would enable him to make some more noise about the Nema association for which he runs. “It’s an association which helps people with neuromuscular problems,” he explains, saying that his daughter, Jolien, a student in orthopedics, works with this association.

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