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Thierry Rolland (FRA, D1408), Patrick Le Gall (FRA, D1340), Dominique Giraudier (FRA, D1423), Nicolas Le Deit (FRA, D1414), Sylvie Henry (FRA, D1422)

The hairdresser’s great idea

They exude the joie de vivre of those who are readying themselves for a great time. There is also a seeming lack of concern before they tackle the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES.  Thierry, Patrick, Dominique, Nicolas and Sylvie all come from Versailles in the Paris region. Thierry is a hairdresser, or a ‘capillary artist’ as he jokingly refers to his trade. Between haircuts in his hairdresser’s salon, he has been able to convince some of his clients, runners, to come and join him on the tracks of the 30th SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES. We were signed up in 2009 but a friend who was supposed to be running with us passed away, recalls Thierry, a familiar face on ultra runs (100km Millau, Foulées de la Soie, etc.). We cancelled everything, but here we are back again.” Nicolas is the ‘champion’ of the group, capable of running the 100km Millau in less than 10 hours on a Saturday and linking onto an 8-hour car journey to do the Paris-Versailles on the Sunday morning. The last to join the team, Sylvie, who is also running for the Cheer Up association, is also a fan of marathons contested pretty much anywhere in the world (Reykjavik, Saint Petersburg, Barcelona, etc.) and 100 kilometre runs, Ironmans and trails. All of them share the same aim: securing a finisher’s medal at the end of the week near Merzouga before going back to their lives.