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Dalila Ghazali (D0016-MAR), Nezha Djebli (D0014-MAR), Nadia Dadoun (D0015-MAR)

Queens of the desert, queens of the heart

They go by the names of Dalila Ghazali, Nezha Djebli and Nadia Dadoun. They are Moroccan, they are friends and all three share the same passion: the MARATHON DES SABLES. It is an event in which Dalila is participating for the 6th time this year, Nezha for the 5th time and Nadia for the 15th time.
However, though these old friends are gathered together today under the same banner for the 30th edition of the Marathon des Sables, it’s not solely to give themselves up to their passion but also to run for a cause, that of preventing suicide, particularly among youngsters.
It’s for this cause that they decided to run, so as to raise money for the benefit of the “Sourire de Réda” association, in the name of a 13-year old who was going to school, liked to play with her friends and who, one day, without warning, ended her life, leaving her parents in a state of immense grief.
This drama greatly upset us, especially as Réda’s mother was someone we knew, a friend. As such we decided to act in order to raise awareness of this across Morocco,” they explain.
Let’s hope their battle reaches a wider audience so that suicide ceases to be a taboo subject in Morocco.

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