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Maximum authorized time: 12H00
1st group starts at 07H00 (mococco local time)
CP3 closure: + 09H30 = 16H30
2ndgroup starts at 08H30
CP3 closure: + 09H30 = 18H00


5AKm 0 : Go N/NE (course 28°) on flt terrain.

Km 1,3 : Descend towards Outanouel Oued. Go alongside the oued to avoid sand mounds and camel grass.

Km 2,6 : Exit oued. Occasionally sandy terrain.

Km 3,3 : Go E/NE (course 69°). Sparse small dunes.

Km 3,8 : Cross dunes (course 69°).

Km 4,5 : Stony plateau.

Km 6,7 : Well between two rocky peaks. Go E/SE (course 114°) to km 9.5. Small dunes then flt terrain.

Km 8,1 : Cross Ziz Oued. Rugged earth.

Km 8,9 : CAUTION! Technical passage. Crevasse in oued. Rugged earth.

Km 9,5 : End of rugged terrain. Go S/E (course 139°) to cross a dried-up lake.

Km 11,2 : Hill to the left, alternating oueds and plateaus with some stones.

5BKm 12,2 : Cross a large track.

Km 12,5 : CP1. Go E/NE (course 78°) to km 13.4.

Km 13,4 : Hill peak to the right. Enter pass. Go East (course 91°) to km 16. Terrain with few stones.

Km 16 : End of pass. Hill peak to left. Go N/E (course 45°) to CP2.

Km 17 : Sandy oued becoming stony before ascent on to plateau.

Km 18,8 : Small dwellings to the right. Go down and cross Moha Fighnas Oued. Earth mounds and camel grass.

Km 19,8 : Plateau with few stones. Maintain direction.

Km 23,7 : End of plateau. CAUTION! Markings must imperatively be followed to avoid crops.

Km 24,6 : CP2 on the banks of Beg’a Oued. Go E/NE (course 60°) to km 26.4 to cross small dunes.

Km 26,4 : Hill peak to the left. Slightly stony terrain. Go N/E (course 41°) to km 28.6.

Km 27,3 : Cross rows of small dunes.

Km 28,6 : End of dunes. Continue N/NE (course 31°) to km 31.1.

Km 31,1 : Enter dunes of Znaïgui Erg. Course 28° to CP3.

Km 33,7 : CP3 at erg exit. Keep Khnag Oued to the left up to km 36.9.

Km 36,9 : Small straw houses. Go W/SW (course 347°) to bivouac.
Cross Khnag Oued. Sand mounds and camel grass.

Km 37,4 : End of oued. Maintain direction on fairly flt plateau, occasionally stony.

Km 42,2 : Arrive at B5.