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Maximum time authorized: 36H00
1st group starts at 08H00 (morocco local time / 10h00 french time)
2nd group starts at 11H00
CP3 closure: + 11H30 = 19H30
CP5 closure: + 20H45 = 07H45 day 09/04
Latest departure time from CP5 is 09H45 on 09/04
CP6 closure: + 30H00 = 14H00 day 09/04
09/04 CP7 closure: + 33H30 = 17H30 day 09/04


4AKm 0 : Go E/NE (course 65°) to km 3.4. Sandy climb.

Km 3,4 : Sand summit, sandy descent.

Km 3,8 : End of sand. Occasionally stony terrain.

Km 4,6 : Hill to the right. Continue E/NE (course 60°). Fairly stony climb becoming sandy.

Km 5,8 : Pass through Zireg Jebel. Sandy descent.

Km 6,6 : End of descent. Maintain direction (course 61°).

Km 8 : Hill to the right in the valley. Go E/NE (course 68°).

Km 10,2 : Start of sandy climb between Mziouda and Ras Kemmouna jebels. Direction North (course 359°).

Km 12,2 : CP1 before pass in small hill.

Km 12,4 : Sandy summit in hilly area. Go down and cross small valley.

Km 12,7 : End of stony valley. Climb small hill.

Km 13,2 : Sandy summit, descend the small oued in the gorge.

Km 13,7 : End of gorge. Go N/NE (course 19°) to cross dried-up lake.

Km 17,1 : End of lake. El Mharch Pass. Sandy.

Km 19,2 : Housing and palm trees. Exit pass. General direction North (358°).

4BKm 20,8 : Rocky peak to the right. Flat terrain. Direction North (course 356°).

Km 22,1Km 24,4 : Relief à main droite. Direction Nord (cap 01°) jusqu’au CP2. Hill to the right. Direction North (course 01°) to CP2.

Km 26 : CP2 in the valley. Direction North (course 07°), similar terrain.

Km 30,2 : Enter dunes. Follow course 53°.

Km 31,5 : Exit dunes. Go N/E (course 36°) until tumulus on occasionally stony terrain.

Km 32 : Tumulus to the right. Go back into oued that goes up El Otfal Jebel.

Km 32,4 : Follow gorge until summit of El Otfal Jebel. Average slope ± 12%.

Km 33,7 : End of gorge, turn left.

Km 33,9 : Sandy summit of El Otfal Jebel. Panoramic view.
CAUTION! Technical descent with over 20% slope. Stony then sandy.

Km 34,2 : End of sand. Stony terrain with technical passages.

Km 34,8 : End of descent. Keep Rheris Oued to the left to avoid vegetation and oued sometimes full of water.

Km 36,1 : Cross Rheris Oued at its clearest part. Go E/SE (course 102°). Dirt, fech-fech and small dunes.

Km 37,8 : CP3 after crossing the Rheris. Go S/E (course 126°) to km 43.2 to go round small dune filds and oued vegetation.

Km 43,2 : Trees and dunes to the right. Go S/SE (course 157°) to Ba Hallou ruins.

Km 45,3 : Ba Hallou ruins to the left. Sandy banks of oued. Continue S/SE (course 167°) to CP4.

Km 46,3 : Cemetery to the right. Keep Rheris Oued and vegetation to the right.

Km 49,4 : Small mound. Dirt terrain until CP4. Maintain direction.

Km 50,2 : CP4 to the left of vegetation. Go South (course 183°) to km 53.2.

Km 53,2 : Jebel to the left. Stony terrain. Go S/E (course 138°) until start of dunes.

Km 54,1 : Start of dunes. Follow markings between rows of dunes. Go S/E (course 145°) to km 57.9.

Km 56,7 : End of dunes. Occasionally stony plateau. Maintain direction.

Km 57,9 : Dunes. Course 111° in troughs between rows of dunes.

Km 60,1 : Exit erg. Sandy terrain then cross oued.

Km 60,9 : Exit oued. House to the right. Sandy climb.

Km 61,8 : Sandy summit of Lahnoune Jebel. Panoramic view. Sandy descent.

Km 63,3 : CP5 on edge of dried-up lake. Go E/NE (course 69°) to km 74. Terrain slightly stony then sandy.

Km 64,8 : Sandy, more rolling terrain. Dunes to the left.

Km 73,4 : Cross a sandy oued then short climb.

Km 74 : Passage between 2 hills.

4CKm 74,8 : CP6. Go North (course 08°). Small dunes then variably stony terrain.

Km 77,1 : Cross a sandy oued.

Km 78,4 : Touh Ihl Jebel to the left. Go N/E (course 36°) to CP7.

Km 79,7 : Succession of small, occasionally stony, valleys.

Km 84,8 : Cross a large track. Maintain direction. Rolling terrain, few stones.

Km 85,7: CP7. CP7. Continue to El Jdaid Oued.

Km 86,1 : Sandy oued: turn right general direction E/NE (course 63°).

Km 88 : Crops to the right. Direction E/NE (course 71°) to B4.

Km 88,9 : Exit oued. Mounds of sand and camel grass.

Km 90,1 : Slightly rolling, occasionally stony plateau.

Km 91,7 : Arrive at B4